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Three good reasons to consider hiring a freelance copywriter

  1. Freelancers, generally, have a wider perspective and diverse experience.
  2. Freelancers are madly keen to please, as survival depends on being considered invaluable.
  3. Clients pay for the job, and not the expense accounts, creative-block days, coffee and wine.
  4. The freelancer can be treated like the hired help - quietly stepping up, when the copywriter is down, or a fresh perspective is required, or when things go awry, at times, and client needs an extra creative on board.
  5. Freelancers don’t whine and complain when there’s a need to step outside of the comfort zone, to write about a bridge, or trucks, or the benefits of mollusk milk.
  6. A freelancer is, essentially, a helpful ghost. As long as the freelancer is paid, your team gets all the credit.
  7. OK, there are more than three reasons! And, that’s the point.


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