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Quirky House Preferred Charities Policy

In acceptance of their high public profiles and therefore their ability to influence the public and especially the youth, most of the high profile personalities represented by Quirky House believe in “giving back to the Universe” and support worthwhile programmes aimed at making a difference. With the level of charity requests received by Quirky House daily, we have had to make some tough decisions.

To ensure maximum benefit for the charity organisations while balancing the work pressures, diaries and brands of personalities and ensuring that artists are not abused by being lured into the marketing, publicity or public relations campaigns of corporate companies, under the guise of charity, we have a list of preferred charities, suited to the brands of the personalities.

As such, the Quirky House rule regarding charity work is:  Pro bono bookings are only accepted if booked direct by charities concerned and not through corporate companies, public relations or advertising agencies. No pro bono bookings will be accepted for brand or company aligned campaigns. We do make exceptions from time to time, as in the case of the Sunflower Fund, for which Mark Bayly has become an ambassador, but in this case Jenny Handley Promotions have provided proof that the creative disciplines involved are working pro bono and the Sunflower Fund happens to be on our preferred charities list.

We will consider lower charity rates for corporate branded charity campaigns but Quirky House cannot entertain pro bono requests for MC bookings to charity evenings which are obviously connected to a public relations campaign for a corporate company.

Regarding private charities, our policy is to work for charities that are registered and can product a fundraising registration number. We will consider private charities but need documented proof of  the cause,  names and contact information of committee members or office bearers and full details of the proposed fundraising event. With our involvement in the larger charities, we cannot promise that we will have the capacity to deal with private charity requests. We are all, after all, trying to make a living between working for good causes.

Most celebrities will consider reduced rates for non adopted charities. We recommend half rates in this instant.

The Quirky House Preferred Charities (ambassadors in parenthesis):

  • SADAG’s programme for the prevention of teen suicides. (Colin - ambassador)
  • The Amy Biehl Foundation (Colin - ambassador)
  • Reach for a Dream (Colin - ambassador)
  • Child Welfare
  • READ
  • AIDS Awareness Campaigns
  • Hospice
  • CANSA and Breast Cancer Awareness
  • International Unite Against Hunger
  • The prevention of abuse against women and children
  • The Red Cross Children’s Hospital
  • Chabad House Miracle drives (Colin - ambassador)
  • Sunflower Fund and the annual Bandana Day (Mark - ambassador)
  • Cotlands
  • CHOC
  • NSRI (Mark - ambassador)
  • Waterwise (Mark - ambassador)
  • Salvation Army
  • Starfish

“I was lucky in that I learned about the importance of dreams, vision and personal goals at a young age.  I know there are hundreds of young people living in difficult circumstances who can’t imagine life getting better. To them I would like to say; if you have nothing else, you have youth - and time. You have a personal road to travel. Nobody can take that away. Nobody can rob you of your dreams. No matter how bad things might be, nothing is so bad that you have to die for it.

Life is a wonderful gift. We need to make the most out of every moment. With determination and passion you can achieve anything. If I can play a small part in helping young people to realise that, I will be happy.” - Colin Moss on teen suicide prevention

“I know somebody who desperately needed a bone marrow transplant and saw firsthand how traumatic it is to know that life is slipping away while the desperate search is on for a tissue match. The more records on the data base, the more lives we will save. I feel very strongly about it.” - Mark Bayly on the Sunflower Fund

“Children really are our future. The Red Cross Children’s Hospital do fantastic work and I want to be a part of it, however small. I believe in our children. I believe they deserve the best care.” - Mark Bayly on The Red Cross Children’s Hospital

“This project teaches kids how to swim and coaches in resuscitation skills. I spend a lot of time surf skiing or training on the beach and I have seen the desperate need for a programme like this and was very happy to get involved.” - Mark Bayly on the NSRI

Nicky Greenwall – Showbiz Report / Behind the Name – eTV

MC for Advertising and Media Association of SA (AMASA) fundraiser. Bang Bang Club (70 Loop Street Cape Town) on October 11th 2007.

Beneficiary Charity: Starfish Greathearts Foundation

"Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international development charity, aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to children in South Africa who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.  I love the concept that one person can make a difference." - Nicky Greenwall on the Starfish Greathearts Foundation 

You can help reach out to each child in need - one at a time!

To have a celebrity tied to an event is a huge drawcard, especially when it’s somebody like Colin Moss or Eden.
Celebrities lend credibility to an event. We have huge support from South African celebs, especially with the CANSA Shavathon every year.

We are very fortunate in that South Africans are incredibly generous. The SA public have huge hearts. We do find that it seems to be the same celebrities who come out time and time again to help in whatever way they can. People like Ryk Neethling, Claudia Henkel, Colin Moss, Strini Pillay, Arnold Geerdts and Marion Hinds – they’re always there for us.” Kate Lambon Sho Sho Lo Za Cause Marketing

Sho Sho Lo Za opened for business some 16 years ago. Five years ago, they decided to add “Cause” marketing to their To Do list. Since then, they have raised more than R15 million for cancer.  They turned the Cancer Shavathon into a national event, they sold over 20 000 bandanas for the Sunflower Foundation’s Bandana day this year, they incorporated 73 charities for National Women’s Day this year, of which the managed to get 54 adopted by corporate sponsors.

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