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Prof Harry Dugmore
Prof Harry Dugmore

Harry Dugmore is a well known behaviour change expert, with clients like Old Mutual and Woolworths. He’s a communicator, strategist, entrepreneur and trainer with a passion for development, offering clients  high-level facilitation skills, and leading-edge 'soft skills' interventions, especially in the field of managing and motivating people.

Harry works with CEOs and leaders on strategy and innovation, and the successful implementation of strategic plans through bold and consistent communication.
Harry is an enthusiastic practitioner of Scenarios-based Strategic Planning, and was appointed to lead  the Research team for the South African government’s wide-ranging 2025 Scenario-planning exercise. 

Harry will tailor presentation to suit the demographic of the audience or company. Some information on Harry’s three most popular presentations:

Lighten up and Win!

Up to 75% of people are unhappy in their jobs or careers. It is possible to reverse this by breaking the rules of mediocrity and discovering our personal strengths.

In his Lighten up and win! Presentation Dr Harry Dugmore teaches us how to do just that.

Based on the studied habits of the most successful and happy people, Lighten up and win! breaks down the preconceptions we have about success and gets to the core of what really drives and motivates us.

Identifying personal strengths and favourite tasks is the most effective route to personal success and the missing link to efficiency, competency, and happiness.

People are successful if they can spend their days doing exactly what they want to do. It may sound impossible, but happy and successful people have learned to cultivate personal strengths rather than  waste energy on trying to improve on their weaknesses. 

Money Management

Harry’s presentation “Laughing all the way to the Bank” is based on his radio show “Make friends with money.

Managing money well is one of life’s great skills.

The trouble is that it's very hard to do and almost impossible to master!


Fortunately, that is simply not true. It’s a huge but pervasive myth. A giant fib we tell ourselves!

The reality is that we only need to shift some aspects of our financial behaviour to become a master of money management.

If you can work out and then work with your emotional relationship to money, you can turn money from an adversary into a friend in a few weeks.
And, in a lifetime, your new habits can help you go from the proverbial rags to riches!

If you want to hear more about what these habits are, go to http://www.podcart.co.za/audio/wfs/wfs-episode8.mp3  and listen to a series of short fun Podcasts Harry Dugmore helped put together for Woolworths Financial services.

Harry also created ON THE MONEY: THE BIG FIVE SECRETS OF MONEY MANAGEMENT for Old Mutual.  http://www.oldmutual.co.za/about-us/transformation/financial-education/financial-educ.-programmes/on-the-money.aspx

Based on his work in financial behaviour turnarounds, Harry offers 1.5 hour or 4 hour conference presentations or Workshops on Money Management, aimed at the corporate market,  NGOs and government departments.

These sessions are action-packed transformative experiences that will really change the way you think and feel about money! And they'll help you create your own road to wealth. 

The 1 Day People Management Tune-up

The 1-day People Management tune-up builds on what you already know, and it assumes you’re already pretty good at managing people - and you’re ready to move on to becoming great at managing people.

The tune-up is advanced learning and practice, although it does go ‘back to basics’ in some areas, simply because it is always useful to check if all ‘the basics’ are being done well.

Because this is not an ‘introductory’ session, a single day,  albeit a pretty intense day, is more than enough time to get you thinking about new approaches and give you some opportunity to practice new ways of coaxing great performances from all your direct reports.

Harry offers an one hour conference version of Tune-Up, which is  a high-level overview of the core concepts.

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