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Kevin Fine & Lucas Radebe
Kevin Fine does it for the love of it . . . read more
Sun's Up for Meteorologist Derek van Dam
With various doomsayers foretelling a dark cloud over the world cup, we asked weather expert and soccer fanatic Derek van Dam for his opinion . . . read more
Colin Moss: I was there - in the queue
"I would love to say I was there" said Colin Moss after spending five hours in a queue at FNB Seapoint, in an attempt to buy tickets for the world cup . . . read more
Colin Moss Takes 5 for Chocolate Cake
While the contenders were sweating it out in a gruelling workout, Colin Moss took a break on the set of "Way of the Warrior" to celebrate his 34th birthday with . . . read more
Blind daredevil has claimed back the crown!
Hein Wagner broke the world blind speed record at 07h30 on Tuesday the 6th October in Lolly Jackson’s black Mercedes SL65! Hein clocked a speed of . . . read more
Colin Moss does Horror!
Horror movie fans are in for a scare with the launch of Surviving Evil in cinemas from 10th July. The movie, produced  by . . . read more
Showbiz Report’s Nicky Greenwall launches new Style Show
A new show focused on Style is sure to become a hot favourite among fashion followers. The Style Report will be launched on the eNews Channel (DSTV 403) on . . . read more
Chantal Rutter Returns to South Africa
Clients will be thrilled to hear that Chantal is returning to South Africa on 20th February 2009, after a two year contract in Egypt where she acted as media advisor and marketing manager for a top businessman and politician . . . read more
Colin Moss Says No to Another Series of Idols
After presenting three seasons of Idols, Colin's decision to bow out of the fifth season was not made lightly.  Speaking from set in Cape Town, Colin said that turning down Idols was a difficult decision . . . read more
Tamarin Kaplan & Quirky House team up for Corporate Videos
TK Productions has teamed up with Quirky House to provide a full DVD production service to the corporate market.   The service  will include sales promotion, marketing, public relations, Conferences . . . read more
Colin Moss is a Poker Champ!
Colin made  it through to 38th position in a starting line up of 176 in the pro poker tournament at Montecasino in February. He was knocked out by an unlucky hand on his birthday, 9th February, which was not so cool . . . read more
Jeannie D Takes to the Skies
Jeannie D is taking helicopter flying lessons! “I’ve always wanted to fly helicopters” said YOU magazine’s most popular female celebrity. “I’m loving it.” . . . read more
Lauren Beukes Won
Lauren Beukes -  journalist, television scriptwriter and author with international credentials,  won best columnist at the Cape Town Vodacom Journalist of the Year regional finals . . . read more
Jo Ann Mixes It Up
Jo Ann Strauss has been jet setting lately and her exhausting international schedule is not slowing down. As the guest of Montblanc at the World Watch Fair, Jo Ann sipped champagne with Eva Green, Dita von Teese, Claudia Schiffer . . . read more
Colin stars opposite Billy Zane
Colin has been fighting mythical monsters in a Filipino jungle for the past month ... in other words, he’s been on a film shoot in Durban, working alongside Billy Zane in a supernatural Halloween type thriller . . . read more
It’s about the love of the craft
There’s a new girl on the block in the South African acting scene and, if feedback from fellow actors is anything to go by, she’s going to be hot property in no time . . . read more
Colin Moss seen in a movie at the Sundance Festival in Toronto!
Colin Moss took a few days off from Idols at the beginning of September to attend the premiere of the movie The World Unseen at the Toronto Film Festival . . . read more
Nicky & Tam launch new series!
“Behind the Name”  a ten part documentary series focused on South Africa’s biggest showbiz personalities and their rise to fame, launched on eTV at 20h00 on 5th September, with Mandoza featured in the first episode and Marc Lottering in the second . . . read more
Nicky Goes to Cannes
Nicky Greenwall, Producer and presenter of e.tv’s The Showbiz Report,  is going to  Cannes! The 61st annual Cannes Film Festival runs from 14 to 25 May and Nicky will bring us exclusive coverage of what’s hot, including . . . read more
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latest news
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Sun's up for Derek van Dam
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Kevin Fine & Lucas Radebe
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Colin: I was there - in the queue
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Colin Takes 5 for Chocolate Cake!
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Blind Daredevil claims back the crown!
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Colin Moss does Horror!
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Nicky Greenwall launches new Style Show
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Izak Strauss joins Quirky House
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Chantal Rutter Returns to South Africa
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Tamarin Kaplan & Quirky House team up
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