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The MC for the Job

At Quirky House, we recognise that a corporate MC must be more than a pretty picture. For that special function or event, the corporate MC is the company, projecting the culture, ethic and personality of the business, its people and their products. You can’t afford to botch it.

Quirky House represents only  a very select number of  people  who fit the Quirky House label. They are entertainers and speakers who possess all the attributes of a perfect MC for a scintillating function.

  • They are professional, passionate, with-it and vibrant.
  • They have a sense of humour.
  • They are quick witted, can think on their feet and are masters of repartee.
  • They are well versed in communication and interviewing techniques, which is integral to the role of a good MC.
  • They are well informed, educated and perceptive.
  • They are empathetic and good at theatre craft - and so can be passionate about a product and business, even if it’s a road or cardboard packaging!
  • They are dynamic  and good looking, or, at least, cute.

With our client needs analysis, Quirky House will match the right MC or speaker to your needs. 

What makes Quirky House Different to other booking agencies?

  • Quirky House represents a select few “among the best”  screen personalities  so that quality and personal attention can be upheld.

  • Corporate clients get value for money! Briefing meetings and MC script writing are part of the Quirky House service.

  • MCs and speakers are provided with a comprehensive brief, which includes completed briefing questionnaire, background information, contact details of client or event manager and a professional script guide. 

  • Total Transparency! Quirky House fee is 15%. We are against the practice of additional commission adds from agent to agent, which negatively impacts on the brand of the MC. We are upfront about commission / fee split and we are confident that the Quirky House value added service is worth it.

  • Quirky House has never booked anybody through another agent. If we do not have direct access to a personality we will refer the client to the correct channel, assuming we have the details.

  • Ronnie provides a free publicity back up to celebrities exclusive to Quirky House. She writes the brochures for all celebrities on Quirky House book and promotes them extensively as part of the service.

Quirky House Services

With great  creative and  comic brains on the books, we are able to offer a concept and writing service to clients.

Hosts / MCs:
Well prepared, professional, approachable, charming and in control of the event no matter what’s going on backstage.

Keynote Speakers:
Quirky House sources speakers relevant to the conference or event topic.

Comics and comedy shows to suit your function – Cokey Falkow, David Levinsohn, Colin Moss, Krijay Govender, Riaad Moosa, Martin Jonas, Ndumiso Lindi, Nik Rabinowitz, Ben Vos and more.

Corporate Entertainment:
Francois Wolfaardt’s “A Day at the Races” or “How to be a loser without trying” or “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Entertaining Motivation:
Belinda Chapman’s
“Tall Story” a rollicking one  woman show directed by Greig Coetzee. Estienne de Beer’s Meerkat Motivation. Wolfgang Riebe’s “Discover your magic.”

Lauren Beukes on the women of South Africa’s past, Krijay Govender on women and cultural differences, Ronnie as the Black Widow or “Memoirs of a Cynical Mother.”

We believe that a good script is integral to doing a good job as an MC. At Quirky House we are passionate about the script.

Writing service:
Ronnie Whitaker writes feature articles, has published one book and has two completed manuscripts waiting for a publisher to recognize the genius. She was the writer on the Dynamo Africa Engen 100 year project and wrote the Engen 50 year Anniversary  booklet (2004). Ronnie also writes for Grow Graphics Natal on a freelance basis.

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latest news
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