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Just take Care of that for me will you?

Commitment, Passion, Imagination and a Personal Touch!
These are things you would like in a travel agent. You want your Travel Agent to understand your needs, to recognise that you and your travel commitments are important. Someone  who will take your idea, tweak it a little and add a whole lot of magic to the experience.

Of course, you will also want to save a few bucks, get to your destination in one piece and find the accommodation sorted, as promised – but that’s why you will choose an accredited Travel Agency, and not some fly by night who advertises in the back pages of some obscure mag you read in the Doctor’s waiting room, or worse. 

At Seekers Lara Travel (Pty) Ltd, it’s not just the host of smiling, well travelled, qualified, experienced, interested, “what can we do to make your travel more comfortable” consultants. Or the buzzing premises (complete with chaise-longue),  the value for money, amazing destinations and great advice. It’s Lara Casasola herself. With over 22 years in the industry, she knows what she’s doing. She’s passionate and totally in love with travel. And, because she can’t travel 24/7, she’s committed to making your experience out of this world, including very special things, like getting married in Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

At Seekers Lara Travel, it’s  not “once in a lifetime.”  It’s “OMG! Let’s do it again!”
After spending your hard earned money on a trip, you do want your Travel Agent to remember your name next time you pop in to grab some brochures. Seekers Lara Travel agents are in the business of building relationships. It’s better than marriage because, once you commit, you will never leave – except on the occasional jet plane to remind yourself why life and Seekers Lara Travel are so great.

Seriously! Put down that magazine! Call Seekers Lara Travel now! 

Sani Pass copy for GrowGraphics project CCI

“When you’re on the roof of Africa, enfolded by mountains and with the Mkhomazana valley at your feet, it’s hard to believe there’s another world somewhere. When the holiday is over and you return to that  world, you will be different … for, like the Eagle, you will know that you can touch the sky.”

Eden Island copy for Grow Graphics project CCI
“If Vallée de mai on Praisin island was the original, this is the Garden of Eden today. 

In prime position, on an island of man made perfection and overlooking the super yacht marina, the Eden Island Hotel will show you paradise … and you will want to live forever.”

Excerpt from seven deadly sins puzzle cards for change of name from deadly sins to naughty no nos
(freelance project Dynamo Africa – now Citigate)

Envy - his:
The bank repossessed your car and you are unable to meet your alimony payments. Your neighbour, who not only drives a top-of-the-range luxury sedan but also collects expensive Vintage cars as a hobby, wins the R5 million Jackpot. He invites you to a lavish party. He intends to fill his pool with champagne and have models serve truffles imported from the South of France. You don’t even like him and think he might just have invited you to gloat.

Do you:

A) Ignore his invitation and watch proceedings from behind your curtain with a sick feeling in your gut?

B) Write an indignant, anonymous letter to the newspapers pointing out the plight of the street children vs the sinful excesses of jackpot winners.

C) Go to the party with an aim to get his wife to fall in love you. Then you can carry her and half the money off?

D) Introduce him to Jurgen Haarksen as an investment consultant and accept commission in cash.

Your Selection Assessment:

A - you probably spend a lot of time behind your curtain. You probably always will.

B – your sanctimonious action is masking the real issue here. Get real.

C - you are suffering from greed, lust, revenge as well as envy.

D – you are the type of person who  enjoys a decadent ice cream.

Radio ad for Indian listeners – cooking oil

xxxxxxx Pure Sunflower Oil

Woman’s Voice – impatient :
I don’t understand my son, Royston.
I ask him to buy fresh sunflowers from the store and look at this.
Look what he’s bringing me...

2nd Woman’s voice – intrigued :
xxxxxx ...  pure sunflower oil ...

(voice changes as if in recognition)
Ah! He’s in love.

1st Woman – still impatient:
What you talking he’s in love?
What’s cooking oil with being in love?

2nd Woman – explanatory:
Shani – what you see when you see xxxxxx sunflower oil?

1st Woman – in recognition:
um – good food, happy family, good food...

Yes, I see how that can be for a man in love.

2nd Woman – dreamy:
xxxxxx pure sunflower oil.
It’s Better than sunflowers.
Real goodness / real value
And good for the heart!

1st Woman – protesting:
But it doesn’t look good in a vase!

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latest news
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